Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good news for the tired cylist

Some recent sightings of electric bicycles. One is very much a retrofit and the other was being ridden by Genia Gould of WG, a local newspaper that serves Williamsburg-Greenpoint. She rolled up silently on the thing and let us take a ride around the block. It was surprisingly nimble and quick. Bike pedal mode seemed to work well but at 70 lbs, would be a tough climb to your third floor walk up. Top speed 20 mph and range of 20 miles. It is interesting to see the development of the application of electric technology to vehicles. Brings to mind the early variants of bicycles with small engines that became motorcycles at the turn of the century. The platform of the bicycle seems to be the most appropriate balance of weight to performance for electric vehicles at this point. If anyone's looking for a test-driver, let us know.

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