Tuesday, July 28, 2009

USPS Completes NYC's Biggest Green Roof

The United States Post Office's 2.5 acres lofted above the corner of Ninth Avenue and 30th St. now holds the title of NYC's largest green roof. In addition to the improved lunch breaks, and the projected 30% reduction in energy by 2015, the project also brings attention to USPS's other sustainable initiatives -- including Cradle-to Cradle certification for their Express and Priority packaging. (Michael McDonough's handling of the his Cradle-toCradle program, however, may not be as admirable).
This move by USPS points out both their current passive sustainable practices (delivering letters on foot rather than driving, for example) as well as their broad eligibility for further, institutionalized sustainable initiatives. All USPS offices have green roofs by 2020 anyone?

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