Monday, October 26, 2009

D-Build: The Heritage of your Floorboards

Reclaimed lumber is pretty popular these days. And rightly so. It is often pitched as a sustainable alternative to virgin lumber, which, in all likelihood, it is. However the value in reclaimed material has more in common with the value on an antique piece of furniture that it does its virgin counterpart. Syracuse-based D-Build is seeking to articulate this value into a new marketplace of sorts. While a weathered beam is pleasing enough in itself, D-Built is matches each material with its own backstory (flooring from a home built in 1894 by European immigrant, for instance). The plan is to create a venue through which people can sell reclaimed building material while also contributing to the inherent value of the materials (of the sentimental type). For starters, D-Built has been given permission to dismantle and document several homes in the Syracuse area. Check out their blog here to keep tabs on their progress.

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