Friday, February 12, 2010

CUT Brooklyn

cut bk from ariadne ax on Vimeo via Gastronomista

I came across this interview with Joel Bukiewicz, founder of CUT Brooklyn and knife-making machine. Joel has developed a reputation for passion and craft within culinary and design circles, and rightfully so. A self-described "steel nerd," Joel exudes a sincerity of craft and quality that is almost alienating to the outsider. There is, indeed, a unique wonder to be found in a finely tuned knife -- an object born to be held and used. With a furniture design background myself, and a particular fascination with tool making, his name is high on my list of dream internships. So if you've got the dough and can handle the year-long waiting list, act now -- because it's only getting longer.

Read the interview at Gastronomista.

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