Monday, August 16, 2010


The product of a fledgling luxury economy, a wealthy and restless former developer, and a well-intentioned father and son duo, the HabiHut is a promising attempt at a low-cost shelter, designed for disaster response as well as semi-permanent housing for refugees and even California's homeless. While I have seen my fair share of 3D rendered knock-down housing, what is most striking about HabiHut comes in two parts: The first is the attention paid to the importance of the village. Each unit can be networked directly to another and, as a larger system, is even billed and sold as a "village in a box." The second is the price -- That is, that there is one; A rarity within the underfunded marketplace. For $2500 each (available in lots of 36 and 72) anyone can have their own hut, or village of huts. Also available are a toilet unit and a water kiosk, both of which are intended to be used communally. Get more info at the NYTimes and at HabiHut.

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