Friday, August 20, 2010

Inner City Bikes

Spotted first on Core 77, Michigan's Inner City Bikes is poised to release their duo of pared-down cycles next month. The most notable feature of their design is the direct connection between the crank arms and the rear wheel, obviating the chain ring, chain, and derailleur. A notably short wheelbase adds agility in navigating urban obstacles as well as efficient storage. Partly inspired by the blunt simplicity of the hobby horse, founder Joey Ruiter says he specifically sought to eliminate as much material as possible from the conventional bike setup . The result is inarguably efficient in material use, but has its drawbacks. Between being generally slow and tiresome to ride beyond a short distance, Core 77 recommends potential buyers "consider it a cafe racer with the performance of a beach cruiser." Fair Enough - But who wants a dumb beach cruiser?

Available only in matte black, the bikes will be sold either complete or as a frameset. The two models vary in tire size: One sleek (the ICB 36) and one beefy (the ICB 29). Find more info at Inner City Bikes.

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