Thursday, March 10, 2011

Field Lab

New York photographer turned West Texas desert dweller, John Wells learned a lot on his own. But that was sort of the point. When Wells, 51, bought his 40 acre parcel for $8000, his intentions were not reclusive or even artistic. He simply sought the challenge of living with less and relying on his own ingenuity -- building solar cookers from scrap, for example. The result of Wells' pursuit, more than three years in, include, among other things, his initial internet-equipped one room shack, a solar shower and composting toilet, and four shipping containers sheltered from the sun by an arch of corrugated metal. While there is nothing entirely unique about Wells' accomplishments (being an "off-the-gridder" is sort of a thing), I definitely admire his approach to it all as fundamentally about challenging himself, not necessarily a cultural escape or artistic statement. Plus, he has a blog. Via The NYT.

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