Monday, April 18, 2011

Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn

We've profiled the work on Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn before, but only recently did we get a look into his making process. As an author-turned-knife maker, Bukiewicz sought out knife making as a means of achieving some tangible, (An elusive quality in writing). We definitely share his appreciation of the knife as something fundamental to use and rewarding to create. More importantly, his hard work had paid off in the form of wide appreciation from professional chefs locally and abroad. To see more of Mr. Bukiewicz's work, visit Cut Brooklyn.

Some Inspiration: Takeshi Hosaka

Not a lot to say about this. Just an awesome, calm space I want to live in forever. Via ArchDaily.

Springtime is for Shakers

Inspired by a past post on Apartment Therapy, and a impulse for spring cleaning, we have a renewed appreciation for Shaker simplicity. While heralded for their utility and craft, we definitely appreciate the occasional, if unintentional, bits of style (Yellow window sill, we're looking at you...). So if you find yourself in Pittsfield, MA with a hankering for the American craft tradition, we suggest swinging by Hancock Shaker Village. No better motivation to throw away all your clutter and hang everything else on a hook. Thanks also to here and here.