Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Trip to Bolaget

Inspired, again, by Emmas I ventured over to the real estate company Bolaget to admire their unusually well produced photography. Their uniquely intimate documentation lends their listings dramatically more character, portraying more of a home than a space. If i found myself with a few hundred thousand Euros burning a whole in my pocket, this might very well be my first stop. See more at Bolaget.

Only in California

Spotted first on Remodelista, then Dwell, this Mar Vista home designed by architect Kevin Oreck finds a satisfying balance between classic California style and, what i will call, desert minimalism. Corrugated steel siding and exposed beams lend the home a shed-like aesthetic, while the concrete floor, trim-free interior, and acres of art-friendly wall space grant it some practical restraint. See more at Kevin Oreck's website.