Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Abridged Baltic Getaway

After taking the summer for granted, I am just now remembering the value of having somewhere to getaway. I spotted this little number on the New York Times a few months back and still catch myself thinking about it. Wanting a place they would realistically be able to spend their weekends, Jussi and Riina Pulva opted to buy a lot (dilapidated cabin included) within the Lauttasaari Recreational Park, a mere 10 minute bike ride from their Helsinki home. Limited by the footprint of the original cabin - 150 square feet - and with the two kids to accomodate, they looked to ship design to for efficient usage of space. The result is an appropriately pared down space, just small enough to not tempt its owners to spend the day inside.
See more at the NY Times.

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