Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whackpack by Brendan Magennis

Just discovered these bad boys on Dezeen and I am in love. Featured as part of Dezeen's ongoing series of open-forums at their Dezeen Space, Brendan Magennis' Whackpack collection exudes both design-clarity and adorability. Engineered to be constructed with just a mallet and wooden wedges, the design comes off less as flatpack and more like a project out of old Popular Mechanics do-it-yourself handbook. Brendan's website is still in the works, so in the meantime visit Dezeen for more info.

Barware by Aurelein Barbry

Always on the hunt for the perfect bar-top accouterments, we were pleased to come upon this refreshing barware set by France's Aurelein Barbry. Designed for Norman Copenhagen, Barbry balances the texture of steel and cork to produce a firmly timeless feel. We especially admire the circular bottle opener for both its visual simplicity and its apparent, and surprising, ergonomic proportion.

Available at Royal Design.