Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MYZ by Tsuchida Takuya

Located in Nagano, Japan and designed by architect Tsuchida Takuya of no.555, this private home teeters on the verge of ornament without ever quite falling over. Takuya seems to have reduced the feeling of welcome to its most basic essence. Personally, I cant get over the image of the modest entryway - the cafe table, the stepping stones, the weeds, the concrete facade. Sign me up. Via designboom.

The Restyled Home of Laure Joliet

I am an admitted sucker for a nicely styled apartment. Incidentally, I am pretty keen on blogger/home stylist extraordinaire Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House. In a testament to her skill, she recently took it upon herself to spruce up the home of fellow extraordinaire, Laure Joliet. I don't want to steal Morgan's thunder, so here is just a taste of the result. For more, visit The Brick House.

Pete Oyler

I was excited to see Remodelista recently take notice of friend and fellow RISD alumni, Pete Oyler. Pete is largely known for his experimentation with materials and, in particular, his playful children's designs. Little did you know, he's as skilled with the concrete as he is with the cardboard. For more, visit PETEOYLER.com.

Antonio Virga Interiors

We are in awe of designer Antonio Virga's work. Discovered on Remodelista, we immediately fell for this Paris-based designer's restrained aesthetic within these historically rich spaces. There is some irony in that such a large part of Virga's appeal is his ability to preserve the space - that is, to not design it. For more, visit Antonio Virga Architecte.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paul K Guillow

Something so simple and beautiful about these planes. Snoopy and warm summer days come to mind. Made in Wakefield, MA since 1926, the gliders were 2 cents in 1941. Learn more about the history of the company here. Got one for my birthday yesterday. Good clean fun.