Wednesday, February 22, 2012

At Home in Bratislava

The work of architect Lukáš Kordík, this Bratislava apartment does a lot with a little. With only 516 square feet, Kordik opted to reduce the space to its basic elements - a vaulted concrete ceiling and oak floors. With this as his canvas, Kordik strategically files away a plethora of books, music, and other living essentials - aptly described by Aaron Brit of Dwell as "careful clutter." To read more about the renovation visit Dwell, or to see more work from Kordik, visit GUT GUT.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Luminous House by Shinichi Ogawa

Located in the Kagawa area of Japan, this house by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates may just be the best landmark in town. With a steel structure clad in opalescent glass, the home absorbs the sun during the day, lighting the interior, and glows with a soft white light at night. I find it exudes a surprising modesty, despite its materials - reminiscent, almost, of a war memorial. Visit Shinichi Ogawa & Associates or more info. Via ArchDaily.

Mobile Sauna from Denizen

Located on a small Finnish island and made from locally sourced materials, this mobile Sauna fom UK firm Denizen was meant to address the strict zoning laws in the region that dictated that the sauna be removable during winter months. To accomplish this, the structure was built as a sled in itself, able to both be hoisted safely onto concrete blocks in the summer and towed out across the frozen lake come winter. Visit Denizen for more info. Spotted on Dezeen.

House K by TANK

From Tokyo architects TANK comes this unique, and surprisingly successful, use of concrete, plywood, and stainless. Their use of concrete block so willingly creates a refreshing shed-like feeling, but they manage all the while to convey a sense of bare-bones modernity. Spotted on Dezeen, via Remodelista. Visit TANK for more info.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cumberland Lamps by Studio Dunn

Some decently discovered lighting from our friends at Studio Dunn. Available in Opal White or Smoke Grey, these hand-blown fixtures sport a pared-down aesthetic with a bit of Rhode Island flare. Available at Studio Dunn.

Mountain Boy Sledworks

Inspired by our recent snow in NYC, we think it's the perfect time for a profile of Colorado's Mountain Boy Sledworks. While I would be a happy owner of any one of them, I'm partial to the Slalom Sled - its shape reminds me of the Eames leg splint from WWII. The high degree of craftsmanship make them the perfect heirloom to hand down to your grand kids. Too see more, visit Mountain Boy Sledworks. Originally spotted on Remodelista.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baixa House

I couldn't help sharing this 1755 building in Lisbon - Yet another testament to the effectiveness of white paint and some carefully selected furniture. Once a 5-story home, it has since been redesigned by José Adrião Architecto into 12 rental apartments. See more at Remodelista and Baixa House.

Tiered Lodge by Naoi Architecture and Design

We love the dynamic of this home by Tokyo's Naoi Architecture and Design. The home's location on a hill led to the interior's multi-layered geography - a series of open but visually distinct spaces. Find more at designboom.

The Smith Mansion

Discovered on the New York Times, we couldn't help but smile at this Wyoming landmark. Built by Francis Lee Smith over the course of more than a decade, the house was once intended to be a family home but seemed to be fixed under perpetual construction. Its location in Wapiti Valley, Wyoming lend it an added sense of asylum - an escape from society and reality. See more at The New York Times.