Thursday, March 13, 2014

IKEA's On The Move

Based on research suggesting that 20% of city dwellers currently subsist on only 30 square meters (approx. 320 sq. ft.) of living space, IKEA has recently introduced  their On The Move collection. The lineup is a compilation of work from designers like France's Matali Crasset, Britain's Mathias Hahn, and New York City's own Rich, Brilliant, Willing. While very much in step with IKEA's image of mass-market Scandinavia, On The Move does have a notable abundance of integrated storage features and even, in the the case of Henrik Preutz's Balancing Bench, extremely creative and charming approaches to space-savings. Visit Dezeen to read more. See also IKEA's press release here.

Wardrobe from Matali Crasset

Balancing bench from Henrik Preutz

Corner cabinet from Keiji Ashizawa

Cushion Cover from Margrethe Odgaard

Glassware from Matthias Hahn

Folding table from Matthias Hahn

Coat rack from Ebba Strandmark

Plant stand from David Wahl

Stool lamp from Rich, Brilliant, Willing

Storage table from Rich, Brilliant, Willing

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