Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Studio Oink

Discovered on Remodelista, we appreciate the hyperbolic serenity of this Wiesbaden, Germany apartment. There is abundance of creative finishes, stand-alone wall pieces, and more foliage than you would think could grow indoors. An obvious appreciation of things Scandinavian steered the design toward white walls and clever storage solutions, cutting back on clutter and making for a more serene space for the homeowners to relax. What better inspiration for spring? Visit Studio Oink for more. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Kilburn Nightingale

It's always nice to see historical homes adapted rather than replaced. Such was the case with this London home renovation by Ben Kilburn of Kilburn Nightingale Architects. Firstly, Kilburn restored the layout to a single-family unit from its three apartment conversion. Built to suit the needs of this family, the design called for a reorganization of the "layered" Victorian home, introducing a two-story library, an attic playroom, and easy access to the backyard. And, though modern in application, the home still maintains a loyalty to the restrained English architectural vernacular. Read more at dezeen. Photos by Charles Hosea.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

IN SITU 01 from FAF

While on the subject of Swedish studio FAF, we feel obligated to share their IN SITU 01 adjustable table. FAF describes the project as "the first in a series of furniture inspired by the temporary constructions found at building sites: formwork, scaffolding and make-shift assemblages by left over material, all sharing the same esthetics of the raw and functional." It's hard to say no to a project with such devotion to finding elegance in utility. Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

House for Mother

Far from the Hitchcock reference you're all expecting, House for Mother is perhaps as cozy as concrete and aluminum can get. Located in Linköping, Sweden, the firm of Förstberg Arkitektur och Formgivning (FAF) designed the home as part of the Linköpingsbo 2017 housing exhibition. The aluminum facade and roof avoid feeling intimidating despite the materials reputation and the polished concrete floors "fold up" at the edges to create a parameter of bench / shelf. We especially appreciate that the timber framing features some pretty impressive joinery, but Scandinavia has always has had a way with their woodworking. For more, visit FAF. Via designboom.