Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Seeking inspiration? While having been a "follower" for a while now, it only now occurs to me to share with you the truly valuable blog scrapbook. No frills in format, scrapbook is true to its title - a simple aggregator of images. But the consistently high standard of the content make for something special.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Brick House from LETH & GORI

Discovered on ArchDaily, we are taking note of this home designed by Denmark's LETH & GORI. From Archdaily:

"Brick House is part of a development project titled Mini-CO2 houses initiated by the philanthropic foundation Realdania. The goal of Realdania’s project is to develop affordable sustainable houses with a low CO2 footprint. A total of six houses have been built on a site in Nyborg Denmark. Each house with a different approach to how CO2 reduction can be achieved for example by focusing on materials and building techniques or by focusing on aiding the inhabitants to reduce CO2."

While innovation in construction is certainly a theme of the project, a dedication to traditional form is equally integral to the concept. Overall symmetry and a conspicuous allegiance to wood surfaces lend a strong Scandinavian identity to the project. For more, visit LETH & GORI and ArchDaily.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Meanwhile, in the Hamptons...

It's about this time of year that having a beach house in the Hamptons is sounding better and better. It is with envy, incidentally, that we would share this Scandinavian-inspired Long Island retreat. Owners Tiina Laakonen and Jon Rosen, fashion stylist and tech entrepreneur respectively, joined forces with architects Tim Furzer and Nandini Bagchee to create a triptych of simple structures. Rich indigos, engrossing textures, and a wide variety of designers lend the interior boundless character, while a simply but luxuriously landscaped pool area dominates the exterior. For more, visit Remodelista.