Friday, May 15, 2015

Giving Life to Kitchen Design

We can honestly say that nothing gets us creatively engaged at Purekitchen like a challenge. So when asked by Boston-based Newton Kitchens and Design to help create a kitchen that was all at once fun, functional, and ecologically friendly, we were obviously excited.

Teaming up with NKD’s talented designer Pierre Matta proved to be a rewarding experience. His interest in the use of green products, coupled with his high level of professionalism and creativity, assured a productive partnership and a great outcome. After assessing the client’s needs and goals, Pierre settled on a bold design that expertly took advantage of the home’s existing palette.

Pierre’s choice to pair bamboo and painted white slab doors for the cabinetry complements the clean and modern look of the kitchen. Upon further thought it occurred to us that the use of natural materials like bamboo does something far more significant than simply enhancing a kitchen design – it gives it life.


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